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Iliza Shlesinger


Iliza Shlesinger is not only known for her sharp wit and great sense of humor. The award-winning comedian and actor is also known to be a skilled producer and screenwriter. Her many talents have resulted in a big fan base around the world. Actually, her fans are so devoted that they create their own Iliza-inspired outfits to wear at her shows!

In 2008, Shlesinger was the first ever woman to win the NBC show «Last Comic Standing». Since then, she has hosted a dating show, co-starred in movies, launched her own podcast and had several stand-up specials on Netflix. She also gave out a book, Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity, where she shares her amusing view on female behavior.

You might have seen Shlesinger in War Paint (2013), Freezing Hot (2015), Confirmed Kills (2016), Elder Millennial (2018), Unveiled (2019) and The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (2020). In 2022 her sixth stand-up special, Hot Forever, was released on Netflix. She also gave out her second book, All Things Aside.

Shlesinger is known to care for her fans! Previously, the comedian has released a «fan-u-mentary» called Iliza Shlesinger: Over & Over, where her fans get a glimpse of her on tour-life. In her podcast, AIA: Ask Iliza Anything, the Los Angeles based comedian is also answering her fan’s questions and sharing some barefaced life advice.

Now you can experience the award-winning comedian in real life, during her 2023 live tour. Get your tickets, today!

Author: shownight_admin

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