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Trash Taste

What do you get when your three favorite anime YouTubers join together? The Trash Taste Boys, of course! This entertaining trio consists of GiggUK, TheAnimeMan and CDawgVA. and they might be best known for their hilarious Trash Taste podcast.

In their podcast they share their amusing, cynical and satirical perspective on Japanese manga, otaku and anime culture – amongst other things.

Garnt “GiggUK” Maneetapho is known to hate pizza crust, but also his attitude and comic reviews on anime. The YouTuber has more than 3 million subscribers, and through his Anime in Minutes videos, he serves some hilarious and much loved anime parodies.

Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun has gained a huge fan base through his Twitch streams and YouTube videos. He loves his fans, and will do almost anything to bring joy to his audience – even if it means losing his own dignity.

Joey “TheAnimeMan” Bizinger has over 3 million YouTube subscribers, and is known for his funny and cynical reviews on otaku, anime and Japanese popular culture as a whole. You might also have seen him live on Twitch.

Now you can experience The Trash Taste Boys live, and watch them discuss anything and everything right in front of you. Get your tickets today, and prepare yourself for some laughs!

Author: shownight_admin

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