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TWRP will give you the sound of the future, the way you imagined it as a kid. Their music is nostalgic and grounded in the past, but at the same time futuristic. Their sci-fi inspired universe could almost be the theme of a cult classic movie from the 80’s.

TWRP might be known as one of the most original and mystical rock bands out there, as the members always perform with masks and full costumes.

Although the real names behind the Canadian rock band remain unknown, the group has experienced great success since its start-up back in 2007. The band currently consists of drummer Havve Hogan along with guitarist Lord Phobos, bassist Commander Meouch and last, but not least – vocalist Doctor Sung.

The band, which originally comes from Halifax, is also known for their fictional history. Sung apparently found his bandmates while traveling through time and space.

TWRP’s music can be described as heartfelt and eclectic, and is a product inspired by several eras and genres. Modern electronic rock, old funk rock, synth-pop and classic rock is united in a playful and unique way.

Throughout the years, TWRP has released six studio albums, including “New & Improved” back in 2021. The group also has several collaborations with the American musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party, and often perform as their backing band on stage.

Now the band is ready for their 2023 tour. Get your tickets today, and experience TWRP live!

Author: shownight_admin

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